1. Breeding mares by natural cover or artificial insemination to stallions standing at Little Hawk Farm.

2. Collection and shipment of fresh cooled or frozen semen from resident or visiting stallions. LHF is fully equipped to offer the collection of YOUR stallion at our farm by appointment. The facilities include an indoor breeding area with palpation stocks and phantom. A jump mare is available when necessary. The farm has the staffing and expertise to collect and package fresh cooled or frozen semen for shipment. Dr. Newton is based at the farm and is available to collect your stallion with short notice.

3. Management and handling of stallions with and without breeding problems. LHF has been involved with the management of stallions of all breeds for over twenty-five years. The facilities include a completely separate stallion barn, with turn out in adjacent paddocks constructed specifically to accommodate stallions. The barn includes a breeding area, stocks, phantom and reproductive laboratory. We have the staff and expertise to manage stallions for natural cover or artificial insemination. We can ship cooled semen or freeze and store semen. LHF is able to work with a young stallion or inexperienced stallion and train him to breed in a mannerly and safe way. Dr. Newton has experience with both behavioral and physiological breeding problems and is prepared to address your specific needs.

4. Breeding mares with shipped, fresh cooled or frozen semen. If you wish to breed your mare with fresh cooled or frozen semen we will board your mare, follow her cycle through a program of teasing and palpation and breed her to any stallion of your choice from whom shipped semen is available.

5. Diagnosis, treatment and breeding of mares with a history of reproductive problems. Dr. Newton has special interest in investigating causes of infertility in mares and in resolving them when possible.

6. Supervision and participation in mare care at all phases of their reproductive cycle from breeding through foaling.

7. Neonatal care of resident foals. Foals are carefully observed for congenital or acquired abnormalities and are treated promptly and appropriately.

8. Ultrasonography is used in all phases of the breeding process from pre-breeding evaluation of the mare through pregnancy. The fetus is followed for early development, sex determination, to monitoring the health of the placenta and fetus to term


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