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Foaling out of Mares

* Foaling stalls with cameras
* Foal Alert System
* Vet resident on premises
* 24 hour observation

Little Hawk Farm has foaling stalls with visual monitors and also utilizes the Foal Alert System. There is 24 hour observation by staff. Dr. Tom Newton resides on the farm and attends all foalings. The mares and foals are examined at the time of birth and problems immediately addressed. A post foaling exam of mare and neonate IgG test are routinely conducted at 12 to 24 hours by Dr. Newton.

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Little Hawk Mares / Foals

Weaning your Foal

* Based on individual needs
* Frequent handling

Little Hawk Farm recommends weaning between 4 and 6 months of age depending upon the individual needs of the mare and foal involved. The farm has stalls and paddocks which are safe for handling this event. Whenever possible, foals are placed with other weanlings and often with a babysitter adult. The weanlings are handled at least twice per day. They learn to lead and to accept grooming. We recommend 30-60 days of separation from the mare, depending on the home farm set up.